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Giving is a verb. It's our heart in action, love in motion, opportunity to change someone's life accepted. This is the mission and focus of Ilka Murray' WomanAlive Global Humanitarian  

About WomanAlive Global Humanitarian

10+ Years ago Ilka Murray started a women's movement energizing women to wake up from thier settled lives, walk boldly in thier confidence, reclaim thier voice, heal properly from emotional traumas, connect to thier purpose, be educated in thier skills and passions, act in love and support in thier communities, and be empowered through faith and action to become alive in every area of thier lives. Live events, virtual sessions, community programs were the portals used to bring the lives of women and thier communties into reformation and and progress. Throughout the years, WomanAlive Global has had the privledge to be a part of various plattforms speaking to women through conferences and sessions, partnerships with community groups and leadership, and international humanitarian efforts. 2020 was a year that stifled the world but it did not stifle our efforts. We touched ground in Dominican Republic for our first, but not last, international humanitarian campaign. We helped hundreds of families, senior homes, women and children shelters, refugee shelters, local hospitals, and more and it was all because you said yes. Because you did, they can! Our forward focus is to continue our humanitarian efforts globally. To build WomanAlive Global Centers to better serve our various communities. Thank you for partnering with us in our continued efforts to energize the life back into women and children all over the globe.

How can I partner with WomanAlive Global?

WomanAlive Global has various ways for partnership. Our most common option is recurring partner who set's up a specefic amount to give automatically every month. Corporate Sponsorship has the ability to make large donations to equip the communities greater populations. WomanAlive Global is a 501(c) 3 organization and every donation is tax deductable.

How do I volunteer for WomanAlive Global?

We love our WomanAlive Global Volunteers and we would be so excited to have join our global family! You can visit to sign up to volunteer, or send an email to as well as sign up for our various events throughout the year.


Thank you for choosing to partner through monetary partnership. Please click the link below to start your giving process.